We are product integration experts.

Chances are the outfit you are wearing right now consists of different articles of clothing, from multiple manufacturers, and you look good!

Auto Wash Technologies’ product integration services were born from a need expressed by a number of our clients for advice in integrating various equipment and components from multiple manufacturers.

Our experience in product integration comes from years of hands-on experience with a number of the industry’s major suppliers working seamlessly in our own locations. We have also played an active role in contributing to the research and development of some of the industry’s most successful equipment.

The Auto Wash Technologies team has a unique expertise in selecting and integrating the best equipment from the best manufacturers in the industry. Contact us today to see how AWT’s modern methods can help your wash and your bottom line.

We speak fluent ROI

From the very beginning, we listen carefully to our clients’ needs in search of the optimal balance of technology-to-cost efficiency for each individual car wash.

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Our Partners


Motor City Wash Works is a manufacturer of exceptional conveyorized car wash systems. Founded in 2004 by owners Lee Belanger, Richard Belanger, and Bob Wentworth. Over the years, Motor City Wash Works has grown to become one of the industry’s most respected leaders.

Whether you are a car wash owner/operator or potential investor, you want reliable equipment, car wash parts and accessories at affordable prices. Motor City Wash Works delivers all that and more.

Every Carwash Is Unique.

No two carwashes are the same. Equipment, geographic location, tunnel length, water quality, and operator goals are just a few of the things that differ from location to location.

The Qual Chem system allows you to dial in the perfect settings for your location, providing you with full control of your quality and costs.

Unlock the full potential of your carwash business with custom fit carwash chemistry from Qual Chem.

The Accutrac 360 Series Car Wash Equipment

In 2008, after seven years of research and development, Petit Auto Wash, Inc. introduced the Accutrac 360 series commercial car wash equipment. Covered by three patents, others still pending, both the Accutrac 360-t Tunnelmachine and the Accutrac 360-i In-Bay machine deliver industry leading performance. They have set the new benchmark for cleaning power while simultaneously lowering water and electric usage.

The Laguna Industries team is passionate about one thing: Car Wash Control Systems. Every product we make works to maximize the efficiency and lower the operating cost of your car wash business. We know the best possible way to run a car wash, and then we innovate the technology needed to make it a reality.

We don’t just make boxes, we help businesses cut costs, improve operations, and drive profitability. With over 100 years’ experience in the car wash industry, we know car washes inside and out.

Our best-in-class products and elite service allow car wash owners and operators to monitor usage, wear and tear, sustain their up time, and plan for down time, all while using less electricity and less water, lowering costs and creating the capacity to endure and grow.

Vacutech is the original creator of the vacuum delivery arch that revolutionized the car wash industry.

Since its introduction more than a decade ago, the vacuum delivery arch has become one of the most recognizable features of modern express exterior car washes. Our team hasn’t stopped with simply being the arch originator. We continue to be the vacuum innovator with a commitment to new products and refined solutions to common challenges, delivering the optimal customer experience.

Vacutech has also been a pioneer and continued innovator in designing and building central vacuum systems ranging from housekeeping to pharmaceutical to mining to renewable energy.


Velocity Water Works designs and manufactures performance water systems and provides services to solve water issues. Built with the commitment to providing the best products and support to customers, Velocity designs systems and equipment that surpass the standard.


At Gallop Brush Company, LLC. they offer the highest quality brushes and cloth for your carwash operations. As well Gallop Brush Company, LLC. offers a brush and cloth replacement service to make sure your car wash is always functioning at its best. Whether you are a car wash operator/owner you want to have the highest quality brushes and tools to get the job done and get it done well. At Gallop Brush Company, LLC. they deliver.


At G&G Industrial Lighting, they strive to offer modern LED solutions to industrial lighting problems. Using their technology and excellent service G&G lighting is a great choice for any carwash owner/operator. Whether you need light replacements or a new lighting system G&G Industrial Lighting can meet all of your needs and more.


Hydraflex Fluid Innovation is a Minnesota based company founded in 2002 they offer new and innovative fluid handling products and solutions.  Hydraflex Fluid Innovation offers fluid handling products that minimize waste and keep your fluids where they need to go. Whether you are a car wash operator or owner and want the best in fluid handling products, Hydraflex Fluid Innovation has what you need.


We have combined our many years of experience operating exterior, full serve, flex serve, in-bay automatic and self serve car washes to bring high quality, reliable equipment to the market that will enhance any car wash facility. As construction and material prices keep rising, we utilize technology and innovation to lower these costs.

Many years ago, we brought our wheel blaster to the market. We have remained committed to developing the best equipment, and now offer everything from wheel blasters, to conveyors, to chemical dispensing systems, all the way down to software packages to control your existing wrap arounds and top brushes.

Rhino-Mat, the original in floor mat washing & dry system

For the past 20 years we have been dedicated to the innovative design and technology of developing superior mat cleaning systems. Our dedication to manufacturing superior mat cleaners has brought us worldwide recognition. Our mat cleaners are currently operating in the US, Canada, Asia and Europe.
The quality and effectiveness of our mat cleaners have been improved over the years to meet the demands of our customers in order to better meet their needs. We value our working relationships with our new and returning customers, which is why we are devoted to bringing quality equipment to those who need it.

Aquablue has been used in car washes since 1996. We have all seen the effects of hydraulic lines rupturing and spraying oil all over the car wash bays, resulting in damaging valuable equipment and brushes, and even cars. “Worry no more”, as Aquablue is your alternative for a worry-free car wash. We can proudly say that we offer one of the only non-toxic, water soluble and fire resistant fluids out there. Many competitors that offer an oil-free alternative still have toxins, which can still cause damage to the environment even with proper clean up.

Vaughan is known for being the go to supplier of rollers, sprockets, and chain. Vaughan’s patented process for making rollers provides for tighter tolerances and extended life. Vaughan is currently a top supplier of high pressure equipment, pump stations, prep stations, stainless steel arches, wheel applicators, and more.

Watchfire Signs designs, engineers and manufactures LED signs using meticulously sourced components from around the world. Our products include indoor and outdoor LED displays, fixed digit and video scoreboards, gas price signs and digital billboards. Our focus is to continue to deliver the highest quality products and services to help our customers be successful. We have more than 60,000 LED signs in daily operation throughout North America, and more billboard customers than any other digital billboard manufacturer.

Yaskawa America, Inc. – Drives & Motion Division is a U.S. corporation, created to provide Automation Solutions and Support to our customers in North America, Central America, and South America. Yaskawa is the world’s largest manufacturer of AC Inverter Drives, Servo and Motion Control, and Robotics Automation Systems.

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